Best Pregnancy Pillow- Reviews For 2020

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You’ll agree with me that pregnancy is such a special and delicate period.

Food cravings, a glowing skin, weight gain, swollen feet, and of course uncomfortable sleep are quite common during this period.

However, pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. To improve comfort, a pregnancy pillow can be very helpful.

In this article, we’ll review the top 5 pregnancy pillows available right now to help you make a quick and easier decision on which one to purchase.

Best Pregnancy Pillows 

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow – Overall Best

leachco pregnancy pillow


2. Queen Rose 55“ Pregnancy Pillow-  Best Pregnancy Body Pillow

queen rose pregnancy pillow


3. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – Best for Multi-Position Support

Pharmedoc pillow


4. Hiccapop Wedge Pregnancy Pillow- Best For A Low Budget

Hiccapop pillow


5. Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow- Best for Lumbar support

bluestone pillow


Now that we have listed these top 5, let’s go on to specific information about each one.

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow – Overall Best 

leachco pregnancy pillow

A single pillow is not enough for some pregnant mothers, and if you fall into this category, this product will help you. If you like one behind your back and another two for knee support, this product will give you the desired support.

The Snoogle is designed in a way that follows the natural shape of your body. It is great for your sleep and relaxation, so you do not need many pillows.

It has a removable and washable cover with a horseshoe-shaped cushion that is very convenient. The extra long middle section is the perfect width for total back or stomach.

Depending on which direction you want to snuggle in your Snoogle, the slightly curved end sits close to the knees and adapts to your body shape, so you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

You can also use this pillow if you are not pregnant or after delivery. That’s because it provides excellent support for areas of your body that would simply flop and are not supported on your mattress.

In fact, many overweight people find that having a pregnancy pillow will help them sleep better.


  • Supports the back and prevents back pain.
  • Help with temperature control for a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Weighs the stomach and protects your growing child.
  • Keeps the head high and prevents heartburn, acid reflux, and healthy breathing.
  • All body support
  • Relieves the hip pressure


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Can store heat

Customer Feedback

Most customers love the cover on the pillow as it can be removed and machine washed. Some complained that it was too hard, although others found that it helped with support.


2. Queen Rose 55“ Pregnancy Pillow- Best Pregnancy Body Pillow

queen rose pregnancy pillow

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow offers great comfort for side sleeping especially if you like to sleep by your side.

It has a unique design that follows the natural shape of your pregnancy and large U-shaped maternity support pillow for sleeping and feeding.

This product provides abdominal support for sleeping, reading, watching TV and breastfeeding. The full body contour of this pillow ensures a painless and healthy sleep.

Whether you are an expectant mother or suffer from hip pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, poor posture, this product can help you stay more comfortable.

Above all, it relieves you of back pain by supporting your back muscles better.

The long, zippered cover also makes it very easy for you to remove. It comes in one of two ways- a pink and blue double-sided cover, as well as a gray fleece cover.

This is an excellent choice for expectant mothers at any time of their pregnancy, as well as for anyone who needs a supportive position for any type of recovery that requires a specific position.

Although the loft is higher, it offers you great support and gives good pressure. The soft feel of the pillow envelops your body and allows you to relax without putting excessive pressure on the joints or straining your back.


  • Incredibly versatile
  • Excellent for relaxing
  • Good support for the back and stomach
  • Relieves Backache


  • It can be bulky
  • May feel too flat to give a correct headrest

Customer Feedback

Most customers gave positive reviews. However, there were some complaints about the difficulty of replacing the pillowcase after washing.


3. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – Best for Multi-Position Support

Pharmedoc pillow

PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow offers you a great balance of comfort and support for your abdomen, hips, legs, and back. You enjoy superior comfort while sleeping or just hanging around.

This pillow can also use to sit upright in bed and read. You can use it to watch TV and work on your laptop. This is a great design for almost anyone looking for nighttime support for their backs and hips.

It is specially designed as a pregnancy cushion, it is suitable for relieving pain and joints as well as for the right sleeping posture, to allow a real recovery during the night.

The shape and the cover are also very unisex and therefore a good choice for anyone looking for a neutral pillow for other supportive use.

It also makes an excellent nursing pillow as you do not need multiple pillows. The C-Shape full body cushion replaces up to 5 more cushions.

It gives you abdominal and hip support. It also supports your head, neck, spine, abdomen, back, hips and legs. It being a Polyfill material offers you the perfect balance between comfort and support for your stomach and hips

You can position this product in different configurations on your bed, sofa, and floor. It is made of a super-soft material.

It is filled with a polyfill blend, which enables it to give a soft comfort with increased support density while you rest on it

It is woven with hypoallergenic properties, its pillowcase will make your skin itch and irritation free. It is also double stitched for extra durability with a machine washable cover.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • C-shape supports all pressure points and your developing child.
  • Excellent all-around support.
  • Machine washable cover made of 100% cotton
  • The loft is low enough for a good side sleep headrest
  • Shapes easily


  • It’s pretty bulky
  • Maybe not so reassuring for taller people
  • Not easy to clean

Customer Feedback

The common complaint among users is about the fabric that covers the pillow, which is very thin and torn within a few weeks of purchase. Some customers also complain about difficulties in adapting to the use.

However, the customers gave positive feedback in their perfect support for the head, back and legs and the shape works well on both sides.


4. Hiccapop Wedge Pregnancy Pillow- Best For A Low Budget

Hiccapop pillow

It is a memory foam Maternity pillow which supports your body, abdomen, back, knees. It is appreciated for its two different sides of strength.

It has a 2-sided design for pregnant mothers, giving you both a soft and firm texture as you desire. Deluxe, Soft Memory Foam on side 1 and Tighter Foam on side 2. As your needs and desires change from moment to moment, just turn around for maximum comfort.

Hiccapop wedge pillow reduces swelling (edema) in the hands, legs, and feet. With adequate support of the abdomen, it relieves back tension and associated stress. When you place it under your abdomen, or behind your back; and even between your knees, it makes you feel better while relaxing or sleeping. It is designed to have a versatile abdominal wedge, back pad and knee pad all to relieve you of nerve pain and numbness.

Knowing that the pregnancy discomfort does not begin and end in the bedroom, it has been designed to be just the right size for mobility. Instead of creating more oversized body cushions for pregnancy that cover two-thirds of the bed, it has been designed to be taken anywhere for your comfortable sleeping wedge anytime.

Whether you are traveling from room to room or from out of town, the wedge heel will accompany you. The practical travel bag makes it even more compact and it keeps it clean.

It is made of soft Velboa cover which is incredibly comfortable, washable and also removable. Velboa is a super soft, comfortable fur and safe for children – so it’s safe for you! The perforated foam layer allows for good airflow and keeps you cool at night.


  • Very comfortable with two sides of different hardness: a soft and a hard one for your needs.
  • Compact and easy to transport in the included case.
  • Ideal if you think that larger, normal pregnancy pads are not suitable.


  • Very few, but works best for larger bumps.

Customer Feedback

Customers love the pillow for comfort and two different sides of strength. 


5. Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow- Best for Lumbar support

bluestone pillow

This multi-functional U-shaped body pillow supports both sides of your body evenly. The curves and contour shape supports your entire back while aligning your hips for a neutral joint position. It relieves you of pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy.

This uniquely designed body pillow replaces the need for several pillows at night, enclosing your body to prevent tossing and turning and to keep the neck, shoulders, back, and hips aligned throughout the night. It gives soothing support to your stomach too.

It is also great as a nursing pillow. It ensures that your baby is well supported and raised while the mother’s back is still padded.


  •    Various covers
  •     Contours your body well
  •     Great in relieving back pains
  •     Offers a sound and healthy sleep
  •     It supports different points of the body.


  •  Cover is rough
  •  Not very fluffy
  •  Absolutely a very large pillow

Customer Feedback

Some users complained that the exact filling of the pillow is about half of what was expected.


What Are Pregnancy Pillows?

Pregnancy pillows do not only allow pregnant women to sleep in a comfortable position, but also in a position that is best for the unborn child.

They are not only suitable for sleeping, but also for relaxing, watching TV or reading – or even for a nap. Your main purpose is to support your growing baby – your bump. In the early stages of pregnancy, you do not need any special form of support. However, as your baby grows, you might need some support for your abdomen when you sleep.

Why You Need One

1. To Promote your blood circulation

Sleeping on your side is the recommended sleeping position for expectant mothers. These products reduce the pressure that your baby exerts on the primary blood vessels in the chest and abdominal areas by placing your body in an elevated position.

Leg edema is a condition that most pregnant women are faced with, but pregnancy pillows allow you to lift your body during the resting phase, thus increasing extracellular and intracellular flow which prevent edema.

2.  For use after pregnancy

Pregnancy pillows are not limited to pregnancy only. It is very convenient for breastfeeding your child. They are designed to provide a comfortable resting position that can restrict your movement while feeding or monitoring the boy.

The pillow can also be used as a barrier when sleeping with your baby in the same bed. It can be used in two ways; To prevent you from rolling over your baby or on the edge of the bed to prevent our baby from rolling off the bed.

3. It improves your sleep quality

It is important for you as an expectant mother to have a healthy pregnancy and to get a good night’s sleep. However, the quality of sleep is usually interrupted by tossing and turning during sleep to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Pregnancy pillows are ergonomically designed to give future mothers maximum support and comfort. It eliminates discomfort during sleep, which comes with a growing baby belly. It also relieves your baby pump, back, legs and promotes proper alignment of your spine.

4. Hypoallergenic

The hormonal changes during pregnancy increase your susceptibility to an allergic reaction to some of the things you have not had any allergic reactions in the past. Regular pillows are known to cause respiratory or skin allergies in some expectant mothers.

A pregnancy pillow is very hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergic reaction or irritability.

5. It increases comfort in pregnancy

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of pregnancy pillows. Some are specifically designed to relieve pressure on certain parts of your body such as the legs, back, neck or stomach. Pressure relief reduces the pain that occurs during pregnancy due to pressure build-up.

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow

The market is saturated with products that immediately confuse you. Knowing what you’re looking for is a great bonus to your search. Here are the factors you should look out for when deciding the best pregnancy pillow:

1. The material/filling

Almost all pregnancy cushions are made of hypoallergenic material. The material of the pillow, however, determines the longevity and comfort it offers.

Some of the best pillow materials should be removable for easy laundry. Materials that allow machine washing without losing their desirable properties are a plus. Some materials are well ventilated than others. Well-ventilated materials ensure a cool sleeping climate.

The fillings are another factor that helps you to choose a product that works comfortably for you. Most fillings determine the price of the pillow. Here are some of the traditional fillings that are used:

Memory Foam – It is widely used because of its ability to conform to your body, reduce pressure points. This reduces back pain, neck, and feet. Memory foam, however, is associated with an unpleasant chemical odor that needs to be vented for a few days before use. They are usually more expensive than other pillows.

Styrofoam Ball – These are lightweight materials that are usually made from polystyrene. The pillows also have airspace to provide more support and make them more comfortable. However, those made from these fillings are loud, and most women use these for rest, not for a longer sleep.

Microbeads – These tiny beads are light and less loud than polystyrene beads. They have a soft and soft quality that makes them more comfortable and comfortable.

Polyester Fiber – This filling has the same quality as the memory shape as it forms around your body to give you a comfortable rest. They relieve stress from the bruises, so you can sleep like a baby. However, they are not strong enough and lose their original shape after prolonged use. They retain heat during the warm seasons, which can make them uncomfortable.

Organic and Natural Filing – They are natural fillings that are environmentally friendly and well ventilated. The natural material used is mainly bamboo, kapok or wool. Most, however, are not machine washable and lose shape after some time.

2. Size and Shape

The pressure points during pregnancy usually vary from woman to woman. There are different shapes and sizes of pregnancy pillows in the market for different needs of expectant mothers.

There are forms such as wedge pillows, which are aligned to specific areas such as back, neck or stomach. The size depends on the size of your sleeping place and the comfort of your partner. Full-body pregnancy cushions require a lot of space compared to whole-body or wedge-shaped pregnancy cushions.

The shape determines the support provided and the areas it targets. The U-shape and C-shaped cushions are more preferred shapes by most expectant mothers.

They provide support for your baby pump, legs, and back. The shape of the pillow, however, depends on your pressure points.

3. Strength

The amount of support you need determines the strength of the pillow you should buy. Soft cushions offer less support than solid cushions.

4. Your Budget

The will also determine the type you will accept. Plan your budget and see which ones are more efficient for you. Pillows with more complex shapes or made from certain types of material like memory foam are more expensive compared to others.

The brands in the market also differ in the prices because of the quality of the pillows they manufacture.

Over To You

Now that we have reviewed the best 5 pregnancy pillows, it’s time to hear from you.

Have you used any of these products? What was your experience? Kindly, let us know by leaving a comment, we will be very excited to update this review as much as we can.

Thanks for taking out time to read this review.

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