Best Electric Blanket Reviews For 2020

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You’ll agree with me that staying warm is a necessity, especially during the winter months. 

Being exposed to a very cold environment can be detrimental to a person’s health and even very uncomfortable.

When the weather gets really cold, we use many forms of clothing, tools, and equipment to keep us warm. One that is increasing in popularity is the use of electric blankets.

If you are seeking the most convenient, safest, and best electric blanket on the market right now, you have come to the right guide. Let’s start by listing the top 6, we’ll later go into the details of each one, giving you their pros and cons. 

Best Electric Blankets 

1. SoftHeat Luxury Electric Heated Blanket- Overall Best

best electric blanket


2. Sunbeam Microplush Twin Heated Blanket- Best Dual Control


3. Biddeford Comfort Electric Heated Blanket- Best For A Low Budget


4. SoftHeat Luxe Plush Heated Blanket- Best Energy-Saver


5. Comfort Spaces Snuggle Wrap Blanket- Most Versatile


6. Sunbeam Micro Plush Electric Throw Blanket- Best Electric Throw Blanket


To help you shop the best ones, certain features should be checked to ensure that you are on the right path.

  • Comfort
  • Heat settings
  • Dual controls
  • Auto-off
  • Machine washability

Now that we have listed the top ones, let us tell you why we think these are best for you. We will go into the details of each one to give you more information before you make your decision.

1. SoftHeat Luxury Electric Heated Blanket- Overall Best

If you are keen on enjoying comfort and style, then this might just be a suitable option worth considering as it is made with really soft plush fabric.

It is a low-voltage product that includes a small power supply box that changes 120 volt AC home current into non-hazardous low voltage DC current (very similar to a battery) to provide warmth, protection, and safety even if it becomes wet.

The wires which are thin, soft and 3-inches apart are evenly distributed from head to toe which means that it gives more of an even heat and all over penetrating warmth with no annoying hot or cold spots.

This queen size blanket is divided into two separate zones and comes standard with two easy to read, easy to turn, non-slip computerized controllers (dual control) which allows you to sleep at your preferred temperature setting without sacrificing your partner’s preferences.

For safety sake, convenience and power conservation it has an automatic shut off feature that will shut it off after 10 hours just in case you forget or if it happens to overheat.

It also comes standard with built-in over-temperature protection for that extra bit of safety and peace of mind.


  • Dual control which means you and your partner can both enjoy preferred heat temperature.
  • Ultra-thin wires evenly distributed from head to toe which means your preferred temperature is equally evenly distributed.
  • It has over-heat protection (Auto-off)
  • 5 years warranty.


  • Preheating sometimes leaves it excessively hot.


2. Sunbeam Microplush Twin Heated Blanket- Best Dual Control

This is a very thin blanket with two controllers on both ends.

It has a preheating unit and unlike some other products, it is optional. You can either choose to turn it on, adjust the temp where you want it, and leave it to go at that. Or you turn it on, hit the preheat button to speed up the heating.

It is made with 100% polyester which makes it washing machine friendly, it senses and adjusts to deliver consistent heat. It has 10 heat settings and 10-hour auto-off function which makes it safe to use.

However, the edges of the blanket don’t really seem to heat at all which means the heat isn’t properly distributed and might be a struggle for people who are really tall.


  • It has 10 heat settings
  • Two controllers on both ends
  • It has an Auto-off unit
  • Easy to wash


  • Heat isn’t properly distributed
  • You can feel the wires


3. Biddeford Comfort Electric Heated Blanket- Best For A Low Budget

If you are looking for a budget-friendly product, then Biddeford Comfort Knit Fleece is definitely the way to go.

This electric blanket has dual digital controls which provide therapeutic warmth with 10 heat settings and minimizes wastage of electrical energy when it is not in use, thanks to the 10-hour auto shut off feature.

It is fitted with dual control that requires different outlets of electricity which will protect chances of power overload at higher settings. Also, the wires are small, which means they do not serve any form of inconvenience.


  • It is more affordable than many similar products
  • 10 heat settings
  • It has an auto shut feature 


  • Isn’t very soft
  • Warms up pretty slow


4. SoftHeat Luxe Plush Heated Blanket- Best Energy-Saver

This is one of the best as far as comfort and energy-saving ability is concerned.

The low voltage will give you a very minimal electric bill.

It is soft to the touch with ultra-thin wires (not bulky electrical heating cables) you can barely feel on your body. The heat is evenly distributed, there is no hot or cold spot in the blanket and heats so gently and soft.

It has an automatic pre-heat and hold feature that makes sure that your bed is warm and cozy before you climb in for the night. You simply turn it on and it will warm up on HI until it reaches the temperature that you pre-set your dial on, it then adjusts itself to hold it there.

It has an automatic shut off feature that will shut it off after 10 hours just in case you forget.


  • Even distribution of heat with no hot spot
  • Ultra-thin wires for comfort and low voltage
  • Automatic preheat feature
  • Auto-off feature


  • Ultra-thin wires can snap or detach easily
  • Single control


5. Comfort Spaces Snuggle Wrap Blanket- Most Versatile

Looking for something to wrap around yourself while still busy sorting files and documents while at the office? Or looking for something that allows you to curl up so comfortably on your couch? Then, you should consider this incredible wrap electric blanket.

This soft and plush product has one end split, making it easy for your hands to find their way out while you attend to work or read through a novel or do anything whatsoever you wish to.
It is super soft and the heat is perfect and easily controlled with low, medium and high settings.


  • It is soft, plush, very comfortable and it is light enough to move around with
  • It has a slit which allows for easy movement of your arms.


  • The slit makes it hard to use on your lap and is most suitable for your upper body


6. Sunbeam Micro Plush Electric Throw Blanket

This product comes with a stylish controller, is made of 100% polyester- making it soft and easy to wrap around your body on a cold, windy night.

There is an advanced ThermoFine technology which auto-adjusts and permits consistent, even distribution of heat in the blanket.

It has 3 warming settings as well as a 3-hour auto shut system for safety purposes.  

It is soft, machine washable and dryer friendly with a 5-year warranty.


  • Even distribution of heat
  • Auto shut feature
  • Auto-adjust feature
  • Machine washable
  • 5-year warranty


  • According to some reviews, the control is overly sensitive causing changes in the settings at every slight movement
  • Difficult reaching the control easily because it’s at the bottom part of the blanket.


How Electric Blankets Work

Electric blankets principally work by using insulated wires which have been placed into the fabric. When switched on, this activates the wires which then heats up the fabric and bed, giving you your desired warmth.

Safety Tips

To ensure safety, be sure to:

1. Read and follow the manufacturer’s manual

It is important to follow the instructions (including washing guidelines) that come with the blankets manual to ensure that you are always safe whenever it’s in use.

2. Replace every 10 years

You should consider replacing your electric blanket once every decade. However, should you notice signs of wear and tear prior to that time, please ensure you replace it straight away.

3. Do not fold it, roll it instead

While you might not feel the need to put your electric blanket away during winter, you might want to do that in summer and it is best done by rolling it, not folding it as folding might cause some damages to the wires.

4. Check for signs of damages frequently

Regularly check out for potential wear and tear damages. If found, then you should be looking to replacing it.

According to, here are some of the things to look out for:

  • Fraying fabrics
  • Scorch marks
  • Exposed element
  • Creasing or folding
  • Soiling
  • Damp patches
  • Worn flex
  • Lose connections

5. Always check the cord length

When purchasing one, ensure you check that the cord is long enough to get to your nearest socket point so that you don’t have to struggle and drag the cord, thereby creating damages to the wires.

6. Do not purchase a used or second-hand product

Be sure to go for a new blanket when making the purchase and be sure to look out for overheat protection and also look out for a safety certification mark.

7. Do not use all night long

Using your electric blanket all night isn’t such a good idea. Instead, use it to warm up your bed before you get in, and to turn them off before you fall asleep.

Good thing is that most sophisticated models have timers that give you the luxury of falling asleep in a bed that’s still warming up, but those with manual switches can usually provide enough warmth to keep you comfortable even if you deactivate them before drifting off.

So, consider heating the sheet-covered mattress with the blankets pulled down. After several minutes, pull up the covers and lay down the electric blanket as the top layer.

They will trap the heat in the mattress so that the entire bed will feel warm when you get in. Even after you turn the heat off, you may feel the warmth for up to an hour, giving you plenty of time to fall asleep.

How To Wash and Store

Well, either you are just planning on getting your first electric blanket or you’ve been a long-time user, here are some tips to help you wash and maintain yours, either by hand or by machine.

Hand washing

First of all, ensure that you disconnect all the cords from the blanket. Once this is done, you are ready to wash.

Fill up a bath with lukewarm water (enough to allow free movement of the blanket in it) and add any mild laundry detergent of your choice. Use your hand to swish it around till it becomes sudsy.

Place it in the soapy water and soak for about 15-20 minutes.

When it’s done soaking, gently squeeze it, bring it out from the water, rinse and squeeze gently. (Make sure you do not wring it, simply squeeze gently).

Machine Washing

According to Sunbeam, it is advised to pre-soak in cold water with mild soap for about 15 minutes. Then wash the blanket with mild soap cold water on the “delicate” or “gentle” cycle in the washer for 2 minutes.

Rinse with cold, freshwater and spin dry.


Contrary to what you are probably thinking right now, you can actually dry these blankets in a dryer, at least partially. You just have to be careful to use a low setting for about 5-10 minutes.

If you do not want to use a dryer, you can hang dry your product by carefully stretching it out to its original shape and size and hang it over a clothesline.

Note: According to Sunbeam, you should never use clothespins to dry them.


  1. Do not use bleach or other cleaning fluids, just a mild detergent is fine.
  2. Do not iron.
  3. Do not dry clean electric blankets or heating pads, as the solvents used can damage the wires.
  4. Don’t ever submerge the blanket’s controller in water.

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